Harley Davidson low Rider S

Call Yourself A Biker?

“Shame on you!” snarled the voice in my head. “Not even a replacement lined up!” Had I just sold my soul and lost my identity as well?

Morgan Super 3

Have You Taken Your “Stupid” Pill ?

Suppose for a moment that you found yourself looking for a new vehicle but couldn’t decide whether you wanted a car or a motorcycle. Admittedly, very few people would entertain

Searching for analogue in a digital world

It occurs to me that one of the driving forces behind the upsurge in interest in classic and custom bikes is the desire to rail against the inbuilt obsolescence of

The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride 2019

2019 marks the eighth anniversary of the global motorcycling phenomenon that is the Distinguished Gentlemen’s Ride (DGR). The event takes place on Sunday 29th September and this year over 130,000