Universal Leather Face Mask From Davida: Available To Pre-Order Now!



Available to order now:

Extremely comfortable, effective and stylish face mask from Davida. The mask can be worn with any open face helmet and will keep your face warm and protected from bugs and lose stone chippings.


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Available to pre-order: £37.00 including delivery!

Davida Leather Face Mask Universal Mk 2
Available in Black
Made from the highest quality through-dyed leather which will not bleed when wet or colour fade in the sun.
Improved warmth with a soft laminated fabric liner.
Eight pieces of leather carefully shaped and stitched to follow the contours of the face and neck and give a great close fit.
Kevlar stitching throughout
Anti-misting aerators.
Secured with adjustable elastic with hook and eye.
Simple elegance and outstanding performance



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This lightweight leather mask from Davida arrived during some pretty wet and miserable weather. During a break from the downpours I decided to take it out for test ride to see whether it would provide effective protection against the cold, damp evening air. As a rule, when the temperatures drop below 12c, I reach for a flip top helmet, preferring the cocooned comfort of a visor and padded chin piece over the joys of having my face buffeted by a cold wind. I do own a couple of Rare Bird’s winter masks but much as they keep your face warm, there is quite a bit of bulky material to wrap around your neck and stuff down your collar. This lightweight offering from Davida certainly addresses the “bulk” issue. I can best describe it as feeling like you are wearing a high quality leather glove for your face. It re-buffs the wind and doesn’t ride up or flap about. It’s a very cool looking garment too. Matched with a decent open faced helmet and goggles, this is a very well crafted accessory and certainly one that I will be using regularly from now on.