Drifter: Multi-Purpose All-Weather Poncho



Drifter: multi-purpose all-weather poncho:

Be prepared for whatever the weather throws at you with this incredibly versatile poncho. The Drifter is a poncho, picnic rug, blanket, ground sheet, blanket and waterproof cover all in one., which makes it perfect for numerous outdoor activities as well as for picnics, camping, days out and travel.

The Drifter is our biggest seller and has been adopted by an ever-growing audience for a multitude of pastimes and activities including:

Country Pursuits and Field Sports





Vintage Car Rallies

Festivals and Outdoor Events

Wild Water Swimmers

Sailing and Boating

Equestrian Activities

Dog Walking & Training

Wild Camping

Five Functions In One:

  • All-Weather Poncho
  • Blanket
  • Picnic Rug
  • Ground Sheet
  • Wind Break/Shelter  – just attach tent pegs, stakes or bungees to rig up an instant shelter against rain, wind or sun.


The outside material is made of 8oz waxed cotton canvas, ready to resist rainfall and moisture. On the other side, a light-weight cotton fabric. In the centre, the YKK waterproof zipper keeps moisture on the waxed side, but unzips to allow your head through.

The Drifter: multi-purpose all-weather poncho, is designed to live in the boot of your car and comes complete with dual genuine leather belts made from 2mm veg-tanned leather and double solid brass buckles. These are used to keep the Drifter rolled-up and ready for use at a moments notice.

See Full Product Specifications Below.



Drifter: Multi-Purpose All-Weather Poncho

Made by Australian waxed canvas specialists: Jack Stillman

The Drifter: Multi-Purpose All-Weather Poncho is an incredibly versatile and useful utility garment.

Product Specifications:

8oz water-proof waxed canvas

Easy clean, mid-weight, check fabric liner

Genuine veg tanned leather 2mm belts with solid brass buckles

YKK waterproof zipper which when closed, converts poncho to a rug/blanket/shelter

4 x corner re-enforced webbing loops for staking and suspending your Drifter


2m x 132cm open
Rolls to 33cm x 11cm
Weight 1.9kg


Care for your Drifter by letting it dry after exposure to moisture and storing it in an airy dry location. Keep it water and abrasion-resistant by maintaining its waxed coating using Granddad Jack’s Fabric Wax: https://streeticons.online/product/jack-stillman-waxed-canvas-and-leather-care-kit/



Jack Stillman

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The Drifter is our best selling product. It’s an incredibly versatile utility garment that has been adopted by our customers for so many different pastimes and activities. Its primary function is to keep you warm and dry, whilst being light and comfortable to wear. The added functionality of being able to convert the Drifter from a wearable poncho into a rug, shelter and tarpaulin just adds to the appeal.